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Build Rapport…Deepen Relationships. When you give someone information and know-how to ultimately arrive at a really good decision, they’ll remember you helped them reach it. And they’ll trust and thank you for it.

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Do you need to...

  • Create a better marketing return on investment (ROI)?
  • (Re) discover relevant and influential messaging that compels your customers to act?
  • Be a more effective thought leader or go-to resource in your market?
  • Use external marketing communication resources due to the ebbs and flows of your business?
  • Get a fresh perspective or an extra set of eyes focused on your products and services?

No one likes to be sold anything, but they do love to buy.

John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing
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Connecting Through Content is Powerfully Simple

Engaging and effective content fortifies your brand and deepens your value proposition. You create opportunities and build better relationships. When your customers are ready to buy, they’ll likely buy from you.



I craft results-producing materials that motivate your audiences to act. And I show you how to save money, time and simplify the process by repurposing content and using it in fresh and more effective ways.


  • Marketing Communication Plans
  • Ideation – Conceptual and Creative
  • Social Media Planning and Activation
  • Communication Audits
  • Copy and Editorial Services
  • Conference and Meeting Materials
  • Small Business and Start Up Marketing Plans
  • Branding and Messaging

Hinken Communications - Content
Hinken Communications - Process


  • When should I engage Hinken Communications?

    I help you with your marketing and communication needs by serving as an extension of you. For example

    • Auditing existing content and materials for consistency and effectiveness
    • Creating your marketing communications program from the ground up
    • Serving as ghostwriter – staying in the background – for communications and presentations
    • Relieving the pressure of a bottleneck due to lack of resources or resources spread too thin
    • Removing the pain of writer’s block and/or dread
    • Providing peace of mind by providing an outside-in, unbiased viewpoint
  • What if I just need to outsource things from time to time or have a project that needs immediate attention?

    I produce quick turn, one-off projects, as well as engage in longer term retained services. The key for me is to understand what you need to achieve. I can then make recommendations on the approach that is most impactful and cost-effective for you.

  • What if I don’t have any content?

    Everyone has stories to tell and a wealth of product or service information to share. You are indeed the expert on what you offer! Sometimes the information may seem to lie mainly in your head, but I use effective techniques to get to that information and produce powerful content that can be shared across various mediums.


    A good first step is to listen to your customers – what are they asking for and what feedback are you getting? This is a great way to create or update content that can take the form of a blog, a point-of-view white paper, social media posts, frequently asked questions (FAQs), testimonials, newsletter articles and much more.


    It’s also important to remember that poor quality content and unattended information can cause a customer to see you in a less than positive light. Ongoing review and attention helps you, your brand and your value proposition remain vital.

  • What types of work and industries are you involved in?

    With more than 20 years of marketing, communications and sales executive experience, I have created and/or guided the production of just about every type of content imaginable. I have worked for one of North America’s leading social services agencies, a marketing agency targeting Top 100 companies, the country’s largest payments association, and one of the largest wholesale financial institutions in the country.


    My body of work includes consumer packaged goods, payment systems, financial services, cooperatives, small business/entrepreneurial start ups, not-for-profits, member-driven associations, commercial and residential construction, curriculum and training development and product management.

  • Do you provide turnkey creative, web and print services?

    I have the pleasure of working with dynamic and talented partners from each of these areas. Once I understand your goals, I use a disciplined project management approach to bring the right strategic partners to the table to deliver your tailored execution.


  • When you think about it, we are all given the same amount of hours in each day, the same number of letters in the alphabet, and we all have access to the same market. So how do we differentiate ourselves? By being wise with our time, eloquent in our communication and targeted in our marketing message.

    This is why you need Hinken Communications. Nicole Hinken has the ability to see the 30,000-foot view as well as the hypo, local micro-market detail that leads you to a successful and profitable future.

    Denise Wymore

    Vice President Member Loyalty, Del Norte Credit Union, Sante Fe, New Mexico

  • Working with Hinken Communications is easy, productive and fun. Nicole can take our thoughts and ideas and turn them into engaging, powerful and easy-to-read content we use in our marketing efforts. Nicole’s in-depth knowledge of the banking system, and her ability to dive into any industry, makes her the perfect strategic partner for WesPay. She delivers!

    Kim Bickford

    Vice President Member Services, WesPay, San Francisco, California


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